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Ketotifen tablets 1mg #30

Ketotifen tablets 1mg #30
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Ketotifen tablets 1mg #30

Ketotifen - antiallergic and antiasthmatic agent.

Step ketotifen drug based on the ability to suspend production of histamine and other mediators of allergy and their release from mast cells. Thus, upon penetration into the body allergy agent, ketotifen reduces or completely prevents the negative response of organs and systems, avoiding discontinuity mast cells by allergen.
Hence prevents attacks of bronchial asthma, reducing their number, duration and intensity, prevents progression of allergic pathologies.
Warning of bronchospasm, the drug does not cause relaxation of smooth muscle and dilates the bronchi. Reduces the number of eosinophils in the blood characteristic for allergic diseases.
Indications for use of ketotifen: bronchial asthma (treatment and prevention of attacks), allergic bronchitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, hay fever, allergic skin reactions origin.
As always allergy develops custom "scenario", then the efficacy of ketotifen may be different. The result from the use of funds is gradual. Discontinue use of the drug should also be gradually reducing the dosage.
In most cases, the drug is well tolerated, however, can lead to a strong feeling of sleepiness, fatigue, lethargy. For this reason, Ketotifen should not be taken when dealing with the mechanisms that require attention when driving vehicles.
Ketotifen - tool designed specifically for prophylactic purposes, and in compliance with the prescribed treatment time and dosage of the drug achieved a fairly stable therapeutic effect.

Ketotifen is used in combination with other medications for the treatment of mild allergic asthma in children. It is an anti-allergy medication that helps to reduce asthma symtpoms by reducing the body’s response to allergens.

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