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The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels. Contraction of the heart move blood through the vascular system, thus providing the body with oxygen, nutrients, and freeing it from the decay products. Drugs to treat heart and blood vessels can be divided into three groups.
Medicines for the heart are responsible for heart disease, medications for blood vessels are responsible for diseases of arteries and veins. Preparations for the cardiovascular system is responsible for all common diseases of the cardiovascular system. The causes of cardiovascular disease vary: it may be birth defects, inflammation, trauma, adverse changes in metabolic processes, the violation of the mechanisms that regulate the activity of this system. You can buy cardiovascular drugs online at
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Finoptin pills 40mg #100
Finoptin is used in the following conditions: Tachycardia; Ciliary arrhythmia; Atrial flutter; Au..

Flebodia (Phlebodia) tablets 600mg #30
Indications: Venous insufficiency; haemorrhoids, Lower limb chronic venous.30 tablets 600 mg..

Gammalon 250mg #100

Heparin Ointment 25g
Indications: Hemorrhoids, fistula, eczema and itching in the anal region, anal fissure.1 tube 25 ..

Hipril-A tablets 5mg #30
t"> All grades of Essential Hypertension. Renovascular Hypertension. All degrees of Heart Failure...

Indap capsules 2,5mg #30
Indications: High blood pressure (hypertension) control, Treatment of water retention (edema) due..

Indapamide tablets 2.5mg #30
Indications: High blood pressure (hypertension) control. Treatment of water retention (edema) due..

Isoket aerosol (1,25mg/doze) 300 dozes
Indications: Angina pectoris; Heart failure аerosol cylinder 15mg(1,25mg/doze)..

Isoket solution for infusions 0.1% 10ie #10
Indications: Angina pectoris; Heart failure 10 ampules 0,1% 10ml..

Isoptin tablets 40mg #100
Isoptin (Calcium channel blocking agents) affect the movement of calcium into the cells of the he..

Isoptin tablets 80mg #100
Isoptin (Calcium channel blocking agents) affect the movement of calcium into the cells of the he..

Korglikon (Corglyconum) 0.06% #10
Indications: trembling of auricles ХСН, sharp insufficiency LJ, chronic "pulmonary" heart.10 amp..

Li-Shuan thrombosis capsules #24
24 capsules..

Lily-of-the-Valley and Valerian Liquid Extract 25ml

Lisinopril (Prinivil) 20mg #30
Arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, with stable cardiovasc..

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