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Homeopathy (from the Greek. Homoios - like; pathos - suffering, disease) - a method of therapy that is clinically apply the method of similarity. That is, the treatment of certain diseases are used in small or infinitesimal doses of those drugs, which in large doses cause effects similar to those of his symptoms. The attractiveness of homeopathy is primarily in the efficiency of this method of therapy for many diseases and conditions, an individual approach to the patient, the absence of side effects and low cost of homeopathic medicines. You can buy homeopathy medicines online at

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Remens drops 50ml
Remens drops (1 bottle 50 ml) Typically, the treatment of menopausal symptoms and menstrual irregul..

Remens tablets #12
Menstrual disorders; Menopausal syndrome; Inflammatory diseases of the genital tract12 tablets ..

Tonsilotren pills #60
Treatment of acute tonsillitis, chronic and chronically recurrent tonsillitis, enlargement of the..

Traumeel C #50
These homeopathic products are anti-inflammatory and analgesic50 tablets ..

Traumeel C ointment 50g
Analgesic. For the temporary relief of symptoms, including mild to moderate pain, associated with..

Viburcol supposit #12
Symptomatic treatment of intoxication syndrome: Fever; Headache; Indigestion; Insomnia; Agitation..

Canephron N drops 100ml
Canephron N drops pharmachologic effect: Canephron N drops - a drug containing the active ingr..

Canephron N tablets #60
Canephron N pharmachologic effect: Canephron N - a drug with anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic ac..

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