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Blood - a fluid tissue in the body, consisting of the liquid part - plasma and dissolved form elements - red blood cells, white cells and platelets. The cellular composition of healthy human blood is fairly constant. True matched medicine can help in a variety of problems. You can buy illnesses of blood medicines online at
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Aescusan solution 20ml
Aescusan solution (1 bottle 10 ml.) Medicine, used during disorders of venous circulation. Contai..

Dicynone amp. 250mg-2ml #50
Benzenesulfonate derivative used as a systemic hemostatic.5 ampoules..

Dicynone tablets 250mg #100
Benzenesulfonate derivative used as a systemic hemostatic.10 tablets 250 mg..

Ferrum Lek solution 100mg/2ml ampoules #5
Ferrum Lek is contraindicated in the following conditions and diseases: Increased sensitivity ..

Ferrum Lek tablets 100mg #30
preventive maintenance in period of pregnancy30 tablets 100 mg..

Heparoid ointment 30g
Heparoid is an anticoagulant. It is used to decrease the clotting ability of the blood and help p..

Recormon for injections 0.3ml 2000ME #6
6 injectors 2000M Recormon (Epoetin) is used to treat severe anemia. Release form, compositio..

Tothema ampoules 10ml #20
Tothema (Tot'hema) ampoules 10ml #20 The drug is used in treatment of: Iron deficiency anemia Ph..

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