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Medicines used to treat stomach, bowels and livers diseases. You can buy stomach, bowels and livers medicines online at

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Hylak forte drops 30ml
Mode of action: The imbalance between the normal and pathogenic microorganisms often occurs with ant..

Imodium capsules 2mg #20
Imodium (Loperamide) is used to control diarrhea. 20 capsules..

Intetrix capsules #20
Аnti-infective agent, local, antidiarrheals  20 capsules..

Kreon (Creon) 10000 #20
Several medical issues require a treatment with KREON. Among the most common, are: chronic pancre..

Kreon (Creon) 25000 #20
Concentrated pancreatin providing enzymes that aid in effective protein, carbohydrate and fat dig..

Lactobacterin suspension 5 doses #10
Lactobacterin dried is used for treatment of adults and children from their first months of life ..

Laminaria 200mg #100
Indications: Laminaria is recommended: Prevention of thyroid gland diseases; Atherosclerosis (low..

Liferan (Polyphepanum) powder 200g
The preparation is indicated in treatment of: Acute and chronic disease of the Gastrointestina..

Linex capsules #16
This medication is good for intestine’s microflora and used to treat diarrhea 16 capsules..

Liv-52 tablets #100
Viral hepatitis, Alcohol liver disease, Pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis, Protein ene..

Lopedium capsules 2mg #10
Treating symptoms of certain types of diarrhea. It is also used to decrease the amount of dischar..

Loperamidum capsules 2mg #20
Apply Loperamidum as symptomatic means at a sharp and chronic diarrhea. 20 capsules..

Meteospasmyl capsules #30
Symptomatic treatment of functional intestinal disorders accompanied by stomachaches and painful spa..

Methyluracil tablets 500mg #10
Methyluracil is approved to treat the following conditions: Erosive-ulcerous colitis; Proctosigmo..

Metoclopramide tablets 10mg #50
The lower esophagus sphincter, located between the esophagus and stomach, normally prevents reflu..

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