Shipping Policy

Delivery and handling is only $10 per any order!*

What shipping method is available? Registered air mail with tracking number and EMS Fast shipping
How long does the delivery take? 10–28 working days (7-10 working days for EMS)
What are the shipping costs? $10 ($70 for EMS) per order
What countries we don`t ship orders to? Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Pakistan, Somalia, Iran, North Korea, Guyana, Latvia, Russian Federation, Ukraine

Please allow 1-2 business days for order to be processed. If an ordered product is in back order or discontinued from our supplier, we will let you know through e-mail within five days of your order. Backordered or discontinued part of your order will be cancelled automatically.

We generally ship Registered Air Mail. Items ordered together are not necessarily shipped together, unless you ask us to ship the order complete. Part of your order can be shipped from different countries by separate parcels. Generally we dispatch our products from Kyiv, Ukraine.

All customs issues are on buyer's side, we do not accept returns stopped by customs of your country. Please call your information centre about possibility to receive postal packages with medications.

We do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays.

*using regular postal service