Contraception - the prevention of unintended pregnancy in a random or regular sex life. The problem of contraception, sooner or later confronts every person living a sexual life and think about their future. Modern medicine has a definite contraceptive arsenal of tools and techniques. This makes it possible to find a means of birth control in accordance with the requirements of virtually any pair. The ideal method of contraception, there is only one - abstinence from sexual activity. In all other cases it is necessary to compromise depending on the needs of the situation or the characteristics of a particular pair. Unfortunately, you can never guarantee anything 100%, so when choosing a contraceptive method may have to choose "the lesser of two evils." At present, there are many means to achieve the contraceptive effect, the main of which - a barrier (mechanical), chemical, hormonal and intrauterine contraceptives.You can buy contraception online at

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Contraceptin-T vag. supp. #10 On Recertification
The drug may be used for local intravaginal contraception. Any other indications for theis dru..
Injection (Depo-Provera®). Depo-Provera® is a hormonal birth control method that contains a proge..
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21 dragee Jeanine is a hormonal birth control pill, a so-called oral contraceptive (commonly refe..
Microgynon is an oral contraceptive medication is used to prevent pregnancy 21 tablets ..
63 tablets Mode of action: Novinet is an oral contraceptive. In its composition contains a syntheti..
It is a hormone-free and well-tolerated contraceptive with local action. 6 suppositories 75 mg..
6 capsules 18.9mg Benzalkonium chloride (Pharmatex) does a damaging effect on the sperm membrane ..
1 tube ( Cream 72 gr.) Benzalkonium chloride (Pharmatex) does a damaging effect on the sperm membr..