Posterisan suppositories #10

New Posterisan suppositories #10
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Posterisan suppositories #10

Posterisan - medication for rectal and topical administration in the anorectal area. Posterisan has a strong immunostimulatory effect, increases the local non-specific and specific immune response due to the antigenic action.

Posterisan stimulates the healing of damaged skin and mucosa in patients with hemorrhoids, fissures of the rectum and anus, has some anti-inflammatory activity, and prevents the development of secondary infection and superinfection. Due to anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating and reparative action Posterisan has mediated analgesic effect, increases the level of life in patients with diseases of the rectum.

Posterisan pharmacokinetics of the drug is not represented.

Indications for use:
Suppositories Posterisan ointment and used as monotherapy or in combination with other drugs for the treatment of patients suffering from hemorrhoids.
Posterisan Ointment may also be imposed as a means of local therapy for patients suffering from eczema and fissures anorectal area of ​​the rectum and anus.
Keep in mind that patients with fungal or mixed infection must also use the local media, which have antifungal activity.

Mode of application:
The drug is intended for rectal administration. should wash their hands thoroughly and clean the anorectal area before use suppositories. For maximum effect, you should use the suppositories after spontaneous bowel cleansing. Suppository Posterisan should be exempt from the packaging and gently introduced into the rectum. The duration of use and dose of the drug Posterisan determined by the physician.
Adults usually administered one administration Posterisan suppository twice daily (morning and evening).
The average duration of use of suppositories Posterisan is 5-7 days. Depending on concomitant therapy, the patient's condition and the dynamics of the disease duration of treatment may vary.

Side effects:
Posterisan regardless of release forms are generally good tolerated. In patients with hypersensitivity to the active and optional components of suppositories and ointments Posterisan may develop allergic reactions (including urticaria, pruritus and eczematous rash).
Phenol, which is part of ointments and suppositories Posterisan can cause the development of local skin irritation.
It is necessary to consult a doctor at the development of side effects of the drug Posterisan, including the adverse effects that are not described in this summary.

Posterisan The drug should not be used in patients with a history of instructions to a hypersensitivity reaction to the active and optional components of suppositories or ointments.
Posterisan not used in pediatric practice.
Posterisan The drug has no effect on the reaction rate and concentration and can be used for therapy of patients whose operation is linked to driving devices and potentially unsafe.

Under the supervision of a physician is allowed to use suppositories and ointments Posterisan during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Interaction with other drugs:
Ointments and suppositories Posterisan not be used simultaneously with other therapeutic agents for rectal use. If necessary, multiple combination therapy rectal means interval should be observed for at least 1 hours between applications of these drugs.
When using latex condoms should be borne in mind that Posterisan ointment contains yellow wax, which may reduce the strength of latex and, accordingly, reduce the reliability of contraception.

When applied as recommended Posterisan drug overdose instructions are not observed.
In case of accidental oral ointments or suppositories Posterisan patients may develop disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including vomiting, epigastric pain and nausea.
In case of accidental oral administration should wash out the stomach and assign patient enterosorbentnye funds.

Product form:
Rectal Suppositories Posterisan in strips of aluminum foil coated with a polymer film of 5 pieces in a cardboard box put two strips.

Storage conditions:
Posterisan drug regardless of form of issue should be stored and transported in its original packaging at a temperature range of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.
The ointment and suppositories Posterisan are suitable for 3 years after manufacture, subject to storage recommendations.

Posterisan composition:
1 rectal suppository Posterisan contains:
Suspensions standardized culture of bacteria (6.6 x 10 8 E.coli, killed and preserved in liquid phenol) - 387.1 mg;
Additional ingredients.

Pharmacological group:
Drugs used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Medicines for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Active substance: standardized culture of Escherichia coli bacteria
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