Panavir suppositories 200mkg #5

On Recertification Panavir suppositories 200mkg #5
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Panavir suppositories 200mkg #5

Pharmacological action:
Panavir - antiviral and immunomodulatory drug containing extract shoots Solanum tuberosum. The main active substance is a hexose glycoside extract consisting of mannose, arabinose, rhamnose, glucose, galactose, xylose and uronic acids. In applying the drug Panavir patients have nonspecific immune response enhancement, increased production of interferons (including gamma- interferon and alpha interferon) blood leukocytes. The antiviral effect of the drug Panavir realized due to the ability of the active ingredient to inhibit viral DNA synthesis in infected cells. At therapeutic doses Panavir well tolerated, not mutagenic, carcinogenic, teratogenic, allergenic and embryotoxic action.
In the model of exudative edema and chronic inflammation demonstrated anti-inflammatory action of the drug. Pharmacokinetics Panavir not represented.

Indications for use:
Panavir suppositories used for the treatment of patients with infections caused by the herpes simplex virus type first and second (including genital and oral herpes ophthalmoherpes), tick-borne encephalitis virus, CMV, HPV, and influenza virus and viruses that cause the development of acute respiratory infections. Panavir suppositories can be assigned in preparation for pregnancy women with cytomegalovirus infection and recurrent miscarriage. Panavir suppositories are used to treat patients with secondary immunodeficiency diseases on a background of infectious etiology. Note that depending on the nature and severity of the disease should select a combination therapy.

Method of application:
Panavir suppositories are for rectal administration. Before using the product, wash hands. Recommended suppository administered in the supine position. Duration of therapy and dose Panavir defines doctor. Adults with tick-borne encephalitis and infections caused by the herpes simplex virus and the second of the first type are usually given two suppositories administration at intervals of 24 or 48 hours. The total dose rate is 2 Panavir suppository. If necessary, after 1 month of therapy is repeated. Adults with human papillomavirus and cytomegalovirus infection usually prescribed introduction 1 suppository every 48 hours, after three suppositories interval between infusions was increased to 72 hours. The total dose rate is 5 Panavir suppositories. Adults with flu and acute respiratory viral infections usually prescribed suppository administration of 1 night. The total dose rate is 5 Panavir suppositories.

Side effects:
Panavir usually well tolerated by patients. There is evidence of sporadic development of hypersensitivity reactions during therapy Panavir suppositories. With the development of undesirable effects discontinue use Panavir and seek medical advice.

Panavir not used for the treatment of patients with a known hypersensitivity to the components of suppositories. Do not use suppositories Panavir in pediatric practice.

Should not be administered to pregnant women Panavir suppositories. During lactation the use of suppositories Panavir allowed only after a decision on the possible interruption of breastfeeding.

Interaction with other drugs:

Currently reports Panavir overdose has been reported.

Suppositories Panavir 5 pieces in blister contour of plastics, in a cardboard bundle one Valium planimetric packing.

Storage conditions:
Panavir suppositories should be stored in rooms with ambient temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius for no more than 3 years after graduation.

1 suppository drug Panavir contains:
Extract shoots Solanum tuberosum - 200 micrograms;
Additional ingredients.
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