Gynecology - is a science that studies the physiological and pathological conditions of the reproductive system in women. This branch of medicine has been studying the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of just the female reproductive system. Drugs used in gynecology, must appoint a physician, but you only need to buy them at the pharmacy. A variety of drugs can help your doctor to appoint the best option for you: ointments, suppositories, patches, solutions and tablets. Gynaecology is working closely with the midwife. After the birth of a healthy baby, an important factor is the health of his mother. You can buy midwifery and gynaecology medicines online at medicinesdelivery.com

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YNO-TRAVOGEN is effective both against dermatophytes, yeasts, yeast-like fungi and moulds and aga..
Chlorhexidine possesses antiseptic properties against Gram-positive and Gram-negative including Urea..
Klimadynon tablets 20mg #60 On Recertification
With over 50 million daily doses taken worldwide, Klimadynon alleviates menopause-related hot flashe..
The regulating function of bodies of urinogenital system and a reproduction.100 tablets..
Klimonorm 21 tablets (Triphasil) Klimonorm is an oral contraceptive (commonly known as "..
Livarol is used to treat vaginitis and vulvovagonitis caused by Candida albicans. 5 suppositories..
for treatment of complaints before and during menstruation (irritability, depression and headache..
Mastodynon is a combined homeopathic preparation that exerts dopaminergic effect that causes a de..
Normalizes the estrogen-progesterone balance 1 bottle 50 ml..
The combined preparation of a wide spectrum of action for treatment of gynecologic infections (ba..
Norkolut (Norethindrone) is used to treat endometriosis, a condition in which the type of tissue ..
In bodybuilding and powerlifting Omnadren is exclusively used to build up strength and mass.5 amp..
Estriol is an estrogen which is synthesized in the human organism. When it reaches the blood i..
Oxytocin is a hormone produced by the hypothalamus and stored in the pituitary gland. It is used to ..
The drug represents a combination of large spectrum antibiotics that embraces bacteria and fungi ..