Huatuo pills 80g

On Recertification Huatuo pills 80g
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Huatuo pills 80g

The Huatuo reconstruction pill (HTRP) is a Chinese traditional herbal preparation which has been used for hundreds of years with remarkable effect on the cerebral palsy.
pills 80g

The drug consists of the dried powder extracts and herbs: Sophora japonica, ginseng, Ofiopogon Japanese, Chinese wolfberry, large-leaved gentian, Chinese angelica, angelica Daurian, Cinnamomi camphor, Sichuan lovage, Evodia officinalis. Also, it has a honey comprising activated charcoal. It does not contain dyes and chemical substances.

The pharmacological properties of the drug:
This fitodrug complex type has nootropic effects. The action of the drug due to the combined effect of biologically active substances that are contained in plant components that are part of the drug.

Boluses Huat effectively improve blood circulation in the brain, improve the process of resorption of blood clots, eliminate swelling, stimulate neural activity of the brain, which is inhibited after cerebrovascular disease. Effectively boluses Huat also affected by apoplexy, apoplectic paralysis, thrombosis, numbness of limbs, speech disorders that occur as a result of disease. The drug significantly improves blood circulation, stimulates the metabolic functions of the body, prevents the formation of blood clots and thins the blood.

The drug is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. In order to maintain a therapeutic dose of the drug should be taken boluses Huat not less than two or three times a day. In order to achieve the desired effect, drug treatment should last at least two to three months, you must follow the dosage shown.

Indications and method of administration of the drug:
Boluses Huat is prescribed for disorders of blood circulation in the brain, effects of stroke, post-traumatic encephalopathy. The drug is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent twice a year. Boluses Huat effective for the following diseases: with mental fatigue, poor memory, inability to concentrate. Take this drug as in the presence of impaired cerebral circulation, neuro dystonia, vegetative- vascular dystonia in smokers and those who abuse alcohol. As a prophylactic medication should be taken with the possibility of hereditary stroke. After receiving the specialist treatment boluses Huat can recommend as a prevention for people who are in stroke conditions, as well as those who have already suffered a stroke. The drug is effective against a number of manifestations of atherosclerosis, the propensity to microthrombogenesis.

During the course of health care should be administered in two dosing spoon boluses Huat twice a day for 2 months. After ten days of receiving the drug should be for one day to take a break. To eliminate the effects of stroke treatment courses of the drug is 3-6 months. Thus boluses Huat taken four spoon dosing twice a day. After ten days of receiving the drug should be for one day to take a break.

Contraindications and possible side effects:
Boluses Huat can not be taken during pregnancy and lactation. The preparation contains honey ( 7% of total weight). Therefore, the drug should not be taken for those who for some reason can not use honey.

Specific recommendations:
When treating states after stroke drug can be administered simultaneously with other medicines. To begin receiving funds should be no earlier than one month after the state of acute stroke. After the first course of therapy boluses Huat should be taken twice a year curative rates. The drug may be stored five years.

For therapeutic purposes: if a doctor prescribed otherwise, take the 4 dosing spoons (48 pills), 2 times a day, preferably 30-45 minutes after eating.
Every 10 days of the break should be done in 1 day.
The course of treatment - 2-6 months. The duration of treatment is determined by your doctor.
In order to prevent: take two dosing spoon (24 pellets), 2 times a day, preferably 30-45 minutes after eating.
Every 10 days of the break should be done in 1 day.
The course of treatment - 2 months.
With good endurance and pronounced therapeutic effect, a prophylactic course should be repeated 2 times a year.

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