Kenalog ampoules 40mg/ml #5

Kenalog ampoules 40mg/ml #5
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Kenalog ampoules 40mg/ml #5

Kenalog ampoules 40mg (5 ampoules)

Hay fever, asthma, chronic spastic bronchitis, pemphigoid, psoriasis, dermatitis (herpes, atopic, exfoliative, contact nemikrobnoy etiology, eczematous). Intra-articular: chronic inflammatory joint diseases, exudative arthritis, gout, false gout, arthritis, dropsy of the joints, the blockade of the shoulder joint, and chronic inflammation of the inner layer of articular capsule, an injection under the affected area: isolated psoriatic plaque, flat nodular lesions, loss of hair in the shape of a circle, Chronic lupus erythematosus, kelloidy.

For systemic use - hypersensitivity, gastric and duodenal ulcers, bone atrophy, mental illness (including history), viral diseases (HSV pemphigus, herpes zoster), chickenpox, amoebic and fungal infections, polio, childhood (except bulbar-encephalitic form), glaucoma, age - 12 to 16 years (w / o the introduction). For local use - chicken pox, the state after immunization, tuberculosis skin lesions or a syphilitic nature, fungal diseases, bacterial skin lesions, skin inflammation around the mouth.

Pharmacological action:
Pharmacological action - anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, immunosuppressive, antipruritic. Induces the formation lipokortinov inhibits the release of eosinophil mediators of inflammation, reduces the number of mast cells that produce hyaluronic acid. Reduces capillary permeability and stabilizes cell, including lysosomal membrane and the membrane. Inhibits the release of cytokines (interleukin 1, 2, interferon-gamma) from lymphocytes and macrophages. Increases gluconeogenesis, decreases glucose utilization tissues and activates catabolic processes.

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