Rehydron Optim powder #20

Rehydron Optim powder #20
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Rehydron Optim powder #20

Indications: The powder is indicated in the following conditions: restoration of water-electrolytic balance; correction of acidosis in cases of acute diarrhea; heat strike; in prophylaxis of thermal and physical stress, which leads to intensive sweating.
20 packs

Pharmachologic effect:
The primary purpose of rehydron - restoration of acid-base balance disorders, due to loss of electrolytes during vomiting and diarrhea. Glucose, a member of rehydron, helps to maintain the acid-base balance by absorbing salts and citrate. Rehydron solution osmolarity of 260 mOsm / l, pH - 8,2. Rehydron solution contains: NaCl - 59.9 mmol, Na- citrate 11,2 mmol, 33,5 mmol KCl-, glucose - 55.5 mmol, Na + - 71.2 mmol, + Cl - 93.5 mmol, K + - 33 , 5 mM citrate - 11.2 mmoles.
Compared with similar drugs, Regidron has a lower osmolarity that according to studies, is more favorable, it is also lower sodium content (this excludes hypernatremia), and the higher the concentration of potassium, which allows you to quickly replenish its reserves.

- Restore or maintain water-base balance;
- Diarrhea, infectious diseases, including cholera;
- To prevent violations of the blood pH and water-alkaline balance in the sweating associated with heat or exercise.

Mode of application:
To add the contents of the bag 1 liter of boiled water, then allow the solution to cool. Take small sips after each loose stool, before use, the solution is mixed thoroughly. The hour must drink about 10 ml / kg body weight after dehydration phenomena decrease, rehydron dose was reduced to 5-10 ml / kg body weight of the patient, after every loose stool.
If there vomiting, then Regidron give additional 10 mL / kg after each bout of vomiting.

Side effects:
If the drug used in therapeutic doses side effects do not occur.

- An excess of K in the body;
- Chronic renal failure and acute renal failure;
- diabetes;
- Hypertension moderate and severe.

Regidron used during pregnancy because no adverse effects on the fetus.

Interaction with other drugs:
Regidron has an alkaline reaction, which should be considered while appointing him with the means whose absorption takes place at a certain level of pH.

If overdose is a risk of hypernatremia or hyperkalemia. Symptoms: weakness, confusion, arrhythmias, drowsiness; in rare cases, respiratory arrest.
When a reduced glomerular filtration rate, there may be a metabolic alkalosis, which is manifested by the following symptoms: convulsions, decreased muscle tone, reduction of ventilation.
If symptoms of overdose, immediately stop the introduction rehydron and start correcting electrolyte abnormalities.

Portion bags of 10.7 g, in the packing of 20 pieces.

Storage conditions:
Rehydron prepared solution, stored in a refrigerator at 2-8 ° C, no more than 2 days.

NaCl - 3,5 g citrate Na - 2,9 g KCl - 2,5 g Dextrose - '10

Pharmacological group:
Drugs affecting mainly the processes of tissue metabolism - Plasma substituting, detoxification solutions and medicines for parenteral nutrition - Plasma substituting and detoxification solutions.

In addition:
In cases of severe dehydration to decrease body weight by 10% or more, it is necessary to conduct rehydration by means of intravenous means. If, after the restoration of the BCC, diarrhea persists, may use rehydron.
Exceeding the recommended dose of the drug is possible only with careful monitoring of blood electrolytes.
Treatment of patients with severe comorbidities (diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure), it is better to spend in hospital under close medical supervision.
Vomiting and diarrhea, it is necessary as soon as possible to begin therapy rehydron and continue taking the drug until the diarrhea stops (usually no more than 3-4 days). The solution can not add any other ingredients, or may disrupt the action of the drug.
If the reception rehydron somnolence, disorientation, high fever, anuria (cessation of urination), blood in the stool or diarrhea continues for more than 5 days, you should consult a doctor immediately.
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