Remens drops 50ml

Remens drops 50ml
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Remens drops 50ml

Remens drops (1 bottle 50 ml)

Typically, the treatment of menopausal symptoms and menstrual irregularities conducted by hormonal means. However, their application has a number of comments "restrictive" order: for example, individual intolerance sufficiently laborious and time-consuming procedure, determine the so-called "hormonal mirror of the body. In similar - problematic and controversial - situations can provide an invaluable service to homeopathic remedies, among them one of the most effective is "Remens.

The presence of a "Remense" five homeopathic ingredients, each of which has a pronounced curative action, determines its ability to not only maintain the treatment, but also greatly facilitate the flow of ailments. Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of "Remensa" as an element of complex therapy at algodismenorree (painful menstruation), amenorrhea and gipomenstrualnom syndrome (respectively, the termination or attenuation of menstruation), uterine bleeding.

In what is its undoubted advantages?

First. "Remens" not only helps to regulate levels of sex hormones in the blood, he is, above all, normalizes and balances is a function of endocrine glands. In fact, the drug eliminates not only the painful symptoms of illness, but neutralizes the effect of negative factors that encourage their emergence.

Second. "Remens" has practically no contraindications and no side effects and addiction. Therefore, his appointment is not involved lengthy and complex surveys.

Third. "Remens" is the best treatment algodismenorrei corresponds to features (especially in adolescence, as the emerging body is still very fragile), and climacteric syndrome (as to this period of life almost every woman has some problems with liver, kidney or gallbladder that causes extreme caution in the use of hormonal methods).

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