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Holenzim tablets 300mg #50 On Recertification
Indications: Digestive system disturbances:chronic hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic p..
Immunomaxe for injection 200ME #3 On Recertification
Enhancer of natural immunity. Indications: Bacterial and viral infections 3 bottle 200 units ..
The preparation is indicated in treatment of the following conditions: Impotence; Erection diffic..
Ketotifen - antiallergic and antiasthmatic agent. Step ketotifen drug based on the ability to suspe..
Women's clamidiosis, including against a vagina dysbacteriosis, erosion of a neck of a uterus (..
Klamin food additive #20 On Recertification
Klamin it is recommended as means for strengthening of function of a thyroid gland, increase of resi..
Indications: trembling of auricles ХСН, sharp insufficiency LJ, chronic "pulmonary" heart.10 amp..
Una de Gato,"cat's claw", is a thorny liana vine reputed to be a remarkably powerful immune sys..
Lactobacterin dried is used for treatment of adults and children from their first months of life ..
For normalization of microflora of intestines, including after reception of antibiotics; as an ad..
Indications: Laminaria is recommended: Prevention of thyroid gland diseases; Atherosclerosis (low..
Licopid is a new semisynthetic drug of natural origin. As an immunomodulator Licopid enhances suppre..
It is for use in complex therapy of respiratory diseases (acute and chronic bronchitis, tracheo-b..