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Cefecon is used to relieve pain and reduce fever. Unlike aspirin, it does not relieve the redness..
“Chernika-Forte” is known to be a complex vitamin containing bilberry anthocyanins, daily doses o..
Degenerate-dystrophic diseases of joints and backbone, including osteohondrose and a backbone osteoc..
The natural biological active additive from antlers of northern deer 60 Capsules..
The natural biological active additive from antlers of northern deer 30 tablets ..
It is applied as a prophylactic means for diseases of liver and a gall bladder, metabolic desease..
Contraceptin-T vag. supp. #10 On Recertification
The drug may be used for local intravaginal contraception. Any other indications for theis dru..
Cycloferon is an antiviral used to treat shingles, chickenpox, genital herpes, herpes infections of ..
Indications: Prevention of malaria; Treatment of malaria; Infection of the liver with Entamoeba h..
Derinat 1,5% 5ml #5 On Recertification
Derinat – highly purified sodium salt of natural desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), extracted from sturge..
Derinat drops 0,25% 10ml On Recertification
The preparation Derinat has a wide spectrum of biological activity on a homeostasis of the per..
Pharmacological properties Pharmacodynamics refers to Mebgidrolin antihistamines, H1-blocker is a h..
Balsam greatly decreases pain of joints, bones and bruises.1 tube 75ml..
For treatment: cochlear neuritis, inflammation of the ear, tonsillitis, rhinitis, otitis, antriti..