Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml #1

Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml #1
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Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml #1

Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml (1 ampoule)

Pharmacological action:
Solkoderm - a drug for the treatment of warts and corns. Solkoderm with local application causes devitalization mummification and abnormal tissues. Effect of the drug is limited to the application site. Using the drug Solkoderm noted discoloration treated fabrics with a whitish- gray to yellowish, after which the tissue dries and becomes brown shade (mummified). Eschar spontaneously disappears within a few days or weeks.

After treatment Solkoderm healing occurs quickly, complications were extremely rare ( including virtually not observed the development of secondary infections and scarring after applying the solution Solkoderm).
Devitalization process when using the drug due Solkoderm copper nitrate and acids that are part of the drug.
Systemic absorption of the active drug components is practically absent.

Indications for use:
Solkoderm used for topical treatment of superficial benign skin changes, including the common and plantar warts, and seborrheic keratosis aktinokeratoza, genital warts, as well as nevokletochnogo nevus (after checking for goodness).

Method of application:
Solkoderm intended for outdoor use. Solkoderm solution causes only a doctor or medical personnel under the supervision of a physician, self-administration of the drug is not recommended Solkoderm. With each application should use a solution of new cartridge (because after opening the ampoule solution is unstable and must not be stored). Opening the ampoule should be in touch. Open vial can be mounted in a special recess packaging.

Mortar Solkoderm:
Before the procedure, the skin portion treated with an alcohol or an ether. Solkoderm be applied locally on the affected area, avoiding a solution to healthy skin. For drug application Solkoderm use applicator and a glass tube, which are supplied. For small areas, we recommend to use the sharp end of the applicator for the treatment of large areas used the blunt end of the applicator. With glass tube can be treated areas of the skin area to see 4-5
After applying the solution penetrate the Solkoderm his plastic applicator to complete absorption. After 3-5 minutes after application appears whitish- gray or yellowish staining of the affected area. If this painting does not appear - the procedure is repeated.

When warts horned part of the stratum corneum can be removed before applying the solution Solkoderm. Note that the lesion having a diameter greater than 10 mm, it is appropriate to process the drug Solkoderm when struck by only a top layer of skin. When multiple lesions therapy should be carried out in multiple stages. At a time is recommended to treat no more than 4-5 tumors with a total area of ​​not more than 4-5 cm recommended interval between the stages of therapy is about 4 weeks. Be particularly careful when handling sites near mucous membranes and eyes. For normal and dry mummification tumors after treatment Solkoderm regularly handle portion ethyl alcohol 70% especially after contact with water neoplasms. Not remove the scab instrumentally or fingernail, for normal healing scab should fall spontaneously. Within 2-4 months after treatment Solkoderm ( until healing is complete) to avoid ultraviolet radiation affected areas. After surgical removal of the affected area of the skin to use the drug Solkoderm not earlier than 8-10 days. After use of the drug remaining solution should be discarded. Given that Solkoderm contains strong acid before disposing of vials remaining solution should be washed under running water.

Side effects:
May cause temporary redness and appearance of a white ring around the ischemic area of ​​application of the drug Solkoderm - this effect is normal and does not require specific therapy. In case of severe skin reactions, which do not pass on their own, around the area of ​​application of the drug Solkoderm allow appointments anesthetic or steroid ointments. Perhaps skin discoloration and scarring in the development of the drug Solkoderm (this effect has been observed very rarely). When careless handling solution possible skin burns. In case of accidental contact with skin should immediately treat this area wet swab to remove Solkoderm solution. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of clean water or 1 % solution of sodium bicarbonate.

Solkoderm strictly contraindicated in malignant tumors of the skin, prone to metastasize, including malignant melanoma. Solkoderm not used to remove keloid scars and freckles. Solkoderm not be used in patients with a tendency to increased formation of scar tissue. Caution should be exercised in the appointment of Solkoderm patients who have already been treated by other methods of data neoplasms.

Animal studies have shown no adverse effects on the fetus drug Solkoderm, but studies in humans have not been conducted. If necessary, may be appointed Solkoderm pregnant, but should take into account the possible risks. During lactation the drug application Solkoderm possible only on prescription.

Interaction with other drugs:

In case of overdose or swallowed a large amount of the solution to healthy skin may develop ulcers and burns, the treatment of which is carried out as usual treatment of wounds.

Topical solution Solkoderm 0.2 ml ampoules and put a cardboard box 1 or 5 vials placed in the blister.

Storage conditions:
Solkoderm should be stored out of the reach of children in areas where temperature control is maintained between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius.
Shelf-life of the drug Solkoderm is 2 years.

1 ml Solkoderm comprises:
Nitric acid (70%) - 580.7 mg;
Oxalic acid ( in the dihydrate form) - 57.4 mg;
Acetic acid (99%) - 41.1 mg;
Lactic acid (90 %) - 4.5 mg;
Copper nitrate (II) trihydrate - 48 micrograms;
Additional substances.

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