Adaptol 300mg #20

Adaptol 300mg #20
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Adaptol 300mg #20

Pharmacological Effects: Adaptol (mebikar) refers to a group of anxiolytic. Has a mild tranquilizing effect, reduces or eliminates the feeling of anxiety, fear, anxiety, razdrazhitelsnot, emotional stress. The action is not accompanied by changes in motor functions (motor coordination), and muscle relaxation, so adaptol considered day tranquilizer. Does not have a soporific effect, but potentiates the effects of drugs for the treatment of sleep disorders. Is membranostabilizatorom, cerebroprotector and adaptogen due to the antioxidant effect (especially under stress of various origins, which is accompanied by oxidant events). Has the properties of the antagonist-agonist adrenergic system. As a neurotransmitter - dopamine-positive effect, due to what is observed normosthenic action adaptola. Facilitates the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms after cessation of smoking. 


Oral bioavailability - 80%. In the blood, binds erotrotsitami (40% of the administered dose) - Most of the drug does not bind proteins and circulates freely, getting through different membranes. Cmax in the serum observed after 0.2 hours after oral administration, a plateau of 3-4 hours, after which the concentration of the drug gradually reduced. Eliminated by the kidneys, there is no accumulation, no biotransformation. 


• symptoms of neurosis, neuroses (emotional instability, fear, irritability, anxiety); 

• in the complex therapy to relieve somatovegetative, neurological adverse effects of neuroleptics, also improves the overall tolerability of this group of drugs; 

• pain in your heart, not associated with angina; 

• improving the state of menopause, premenstrual syndrome (reduces the severity of autonomic manifestations); 

• oxidative stress of various etiology as an adaptogen and cerebroprotector; 

• Comprehensive treatment of nicotine dependence (reduces the craving for smoking). 

How to use: Tablets orally, regardless of time of a meal. Assigned to 300-500 mg adaptola 2.3 p / sec. The maximum single dose - 3 g. The maximum daily dose - 10 g. The duration of treatment from 2-3 days to 3 months, determined on an individual basis. In pediatrics can be used to 10 years. The children used the dosage of 300-500 mg, 3 p / c. In the treatment of nicotine addiction adaptol use of 0,6-0,9 g 3 p / c every day for 5-6 weeks.

Side effects: Adaptol patients is well tolerated. Rare allergic reactions, in the case of high doses - dyspepsia (taking the drug in this case, stop). Very rarely - hypotension and hypothermia (usually pass on their own). 

Contraindications: Individual hypersensitivity to the components adaptola. 

Pregnancy: Has good penetration into all tissues of the body. Clinical studies on the use adaptola in pregnant and lactating women has not been carried out. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. 

Interaction with other drugs: Combined with tranquilizers benzodiazepines, antidepressants, hypnotics, stimulants and antipsychotics. 

Overdose: Has no toxic properties of an overdose. With an overdose of very large doses of washed stomach and prescribed detoxification facilities. 

Product: White tablet form with Valium Valium and a facet of 300, 500 mg, 20 pieces in a contour package. 

Storage Conditions: In a place inaccessible to children, at a temperature of 15 - 25 ° C. Shelf life - 4 years. 

Synonyms: Mebikar 

Ingredients: Active ingredient - mebikar (0,3 or 0,5 g per tablet). 

Other ingredients: calcium stearate, methylcellulose. 

Extras: By adaptolu does not develop addictive. The drug can be given to persons, drivers of vehicles and for work that requires high concentration.

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