Menovasinum external 40ml #1

Menovasinum external 40ml #1
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Menovasinum external 40ml #1

1 bottle 40ml

Instructions for the medical use of the drug.

General Characteristics: 

basic physical and chemical properties: colorless, transparent liquid with a smell of menthol; 


1 ml contains menthol racemic 0,25 g, Novocaine (procaine hydrochloride) 0.01 g, anestezina (benzocaine) 0,01 g; 

Inactive ingredients: ethyl alcohol 70%. 

Solution for external use only. 

Pharmacological properties. Pharmacodynamics. 

The drug causes a reverse infringement excitability and conduction of nerve receptors and conductors in direct contact with them, showing an irritating and distracting action (menthol), which is based on the interference of the excitation of the nerve centers and the restructuring of the dominant pain. Inhibits the stimulation of nerve fiber membranes, reduces the amplitude of action potential, increases the threshold of depolarization of the nerve fiber, slows the development of the ascending phase of the action potential, reduces the degree of excitation in the nerve cells. 

When applied to the skin and mucous membranes causes irritation of the nerve endings, which is accompanied by a sense of cold, light burning and stinging. Shows slight mestnoobezbolivayuschee action. 

Indications for use. 

Neuralogy, myalgia, arthralgia. 

Dosage and administration. 

Apply externally 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment depends on the form, severity of disease, drug effect, as well as the nature of the treatment (monotherapy or in combination with other drugs), but should not exceed a month. 

Side effects. 

During prolonged use a dizziness, weakness, decrease in blood pressure may appear. 


Individual hypersensitivity to substances that are part of the drug. Not for children under 3 years. 


May develop allergic skin reactions (dermatitis, skin peeling). If symptoms of an allergy appear, treatment is to be cancelled. 

Features of the application. 

Do not apply to persons with hypersensitivity to local anesthetics procaine series. Does not apply to the skin with allergic reactions. Not for pregnant women, women during lactation and children under 3 years. 

Interaction with other drugs. 

Not recommended for use concomitantly with other Menovazin drugs. 

Stored at a temperature of 8-15 ° C, protected from light and away from children. Terms: 2 years. 

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