Detralex 500mg #60

Detralex 500mg #60
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Detralex 500mg #60

Detralex is a phlebotonic drug and a vascular protecting agent. The efficacy of Detralex is accounted for by its specific action on the principal elements of venous disease.
30 tablets 500 mg

Pharmacological action:
Diosmin - detraleks active substance belongs to the group and venotoniki angioprotectors. As a result of the drug increases the tone of veins and, therefore, they become less elastic and extensible, improves hemodynamics, reduces stasis.
Detraleks prevents adhesion of leukocytes to the endothelial wall, thereby reducing the damaging effects of inflammatory mediators on the flap valves of the veins.
The unique technology of processing diosmina - micronization - detraleks provides more complete and rapid absorption, and therefore a more rapid onset of action compared to similar drugs, which include nemikronizirovanny diosmin.
The body Detraleks biotransformed to phenolic acids. It is shown mainly by the liver (86%), the half-life 10.5-11 hours.

- Treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower extremities and its complications (ulcers);
- Treatment of hemorrhoids (acute and chronic).

Mode of application:
Elimination of symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (pain, cramps in the calf muscles, swelling of the legs and feet, sores): one tablet twice a day, take the tablets with food. After 7 days, you can change the dosing regimen detraleks and use the drug 2 tablet once during the meal.
Chronic hemorrhoids: one tablet twice a day, take the tablets with food. After 7 days, you can change the dosing regimen detraleks and use the drug 2 tablet once during the meal.
Acute Hemorrhoids: 3 tablets twice a day for 4 days, then 2 tablets twice a day for additional 3 days.
The duration of therapy with Detraleks depends on the severity of the disease, symptoms, and the average is about three months.

Side effects:
Very rarely have dyspepsia or neuro-vegetative disorders that do not require treatment and tested independently.

Detraleks contraindicated only if there is intolerance diosmin or any adjuvant formulation.

Application detraleks limited only by the third trimester.

Interaction with other drugs:
The incidence of adverse interactions with other drugs are not registered.

Overdose cases are not registered.

Film-coated tablets, 30 tablets per pack.
Film-coated tablets, 60 tablets per pack.

Storage conditions:
Store in a cool, dry place (at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius).

Flebodia, Vazoket.

Diosmin - 450 mg.
Hesperidin - 50 mg.
Additional substances: gelatin, Mg stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, Na starch, talc, water prepared, glycerol, macrogol, hypromellose, sodium lauryl Na, Fe oxide yellow, red oxide of Fe, Ti dioxide.

Pharmacological group:
Drugs used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Medicines for the treatment of hemorrhoids

In addition:
Data on the safety of breast-feeding during treatment with the drug is not so at the time of treatment, breast feeding should be discontinued.
Treatment of acute hemorrhoids performed under medical supervision, with the ineffectiveness detraleks week course, the patient requires additional examination and correction of treatment.
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