Lymphomyosot (Limfomiozot) ampoules 1.1ml #5

Lymphomyosot (Limfomiozot) ampoules 1.1ml #5
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Lymphomyosot (Limfomiozot) ampoules 1.1ml #5

Lymphomyosot pharmachologic effect:

Limfomiozot belongs to the drugs homeopatic series. Actions of the drug: anti-edema, lymphatic drainage, immunomodulatory, detoxification, anti-inflammatory. Limfomiozot when ingested causes stimulation of metabolism, improves lymphatic drainage from the tissues, improves the barrier function of the lymph nodes, increases the elimination of toxic substances from the extracellular environment. This gives a better interaction between the cells of the endocrine, nervous and immune systems. For example, improved lymphatic drainage gastrointestinal enhances safety reserves local intestinal mucosal immunity. Such changes have been observed in almost all the mucous membranes of the body. Receiving Limfomiozota also contributes to enhance the tissue penetration of drugs other groups. This allows for a reduction in their dosages, and reduction of toxic effects favors drug on organs and tissues.

Lymphomyosot indications for use:

  • Drug intoxication;
  • Lymphadenopathy, chronic tonsillitis, hypertrophy of the tonsils, mezoadenit;
  • Various infectious intoxication (TB, tonzillogennaya, and others);
  • Exudative-catarrhal, limfatiko-hypoplastic diathesis;
  • Diseases accompanied by immunodeficiency;
  • Diabetes with the rise of polyneuropathy;
  • Perineural edema;
  • Limfatizm (including elephantiasis);
  • Lymph edema (post-traumatic, postmastectomy postoperative limfedema);
  • Dysbiosis;
  • Renal, cardiac edema;
  • Malignant, benign disease;
  • As a stage of treatment of chronic diseases of the nasopharynx or hollow organs;
  • Asthenia, decreased mental development, asthenic-neurotic syndrome, somatic personality disorder;
  • Skin diseases (eczema, atopic dermatitis, endogenous dermatitis).

Lymphomyosot mode of application:

Limfomiozot tablets for oral or sublingual.
In pediatrics: for infants, children up to 2 years - 3-5 drops 2-3 p / day. 2-6 years - appoint 7-8 drops 2-3 p / day. With 6 years prescribed dosage as for adults (10 drops 2-3 p / day). For adults, a dose of 10 (or 15) p 2-3 drops / day. Limfomiozot taken sublingually. It allowed the dissolution of the drug in 5-10 ml of ordinary water (one teaspoon). Take half an hour before meals (can 50-60 minutes after a meal). It can be assigned to a doctor daily dose of the drug to dissolve in 250 ml of water to drink per day in small sips (liquid it is necessary to delay the mouth).

Limfomiozot H - for parenteral administration.
H Limfomiozot suitable for intramuscular, intramuscular, intradermal, intravenous, subcutaneous, periarticular and intraarticular injection. It can be used as gomeosiniartricheskoy therapy (introduction to acupuncture points) or biopunkturnogo treatment (segmental introduction). Adults appoint one to three times a week. In the case of acute illness - daily. In pediatrics: a neonatal period and up to 1 year - 1/6 of the contents of 1 ampoule (in pediatrics using the same regimen as for the adults). With one year to 3 years - ¼ of the contents of 1 vial. 3 - 6 years - half of the ampoule. With the applied dose of 6 years, for adults.

Lymphomyosot side effects:

At the moment, the side effects of messages are not received.

Lymphomyosot contraindications:

Due to the content of the Limfomiozot Ferrum jodatum, Thyroxin, may develop thyroid stimulating gormonoproduktsii. Therefore, do not use the means at thyrotoxicosis, hyperthyroidism (nevertheless likely to use the drug in this category of patients under constant supervision of a doctor).

Lymphomyosot during pregnancy:

At present, clinical data about the safety of the use of pregnant women and nursing mothers inadequate. Appointment of the drug the doctor in these cases is only possible on an individual basis.

Lymphomyosot interaction with other drugs:

Limfomiozot combined with other drugs.

Lymphomyosot overdose:

To date, data on symptoms of overdose have been received.

Lymphomyosot product form:

Limfomiozot H - in vials of 1.1 ml. for parenteral use.
Limfomiozot - drops for sublingual or internal use. Bottle containing 30 ml of the preparation.

Lymphomyosot storage conditions:

2 years at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C. In the reach of children and the impact of electromagnetic radiation.

Lymphomyosot composition:

Limfomiozot H:
Active ingredients: (1.1 ml): Gentiana lutea (breeding of the D5) - 0.55 mg, Veronica officinalis (breeding of the D3) - 0.55 mg, Pinus silvestris (D4 dilution) - 0.55 mg, Natrium sulfuricum ( dilution D4) - 0,55 mg, Teucrium scorodonia (dilution D3) - 0,55 mg, Calcium phosphoricum (dilution D12) - 0,55 mg, Nasturtium officinalis (breeding D4) - 1,1 mg, Myosotis arvensis (razvedenieD3) - 0.55 mg, Fumaria officinalis (azvedenieD4) - 0.55 mg, Levothyroxinum (breeding of the D12) - 0.55 mg, Scrophularia nodosa (breeding of the D3) - 0.55 mg, Equisetum heimale (D4 dilution) - 0.55 mg, Smilax (dilution D6) - 0,55 mg, Ferrum jodatum (breeding of the D12) - 1.1 mg, Geranium robertianum (D4 dilution) - 1.1 mg, Aranea diadema (dilution D6) - 0,55 mg.
Inactive ingredients: water for injection, sodium chloride.

Active substances (per 100 ml): Teucrium scorodonia (dilution D3) - 5 g, Veronica (dilution D3) - 5 g, Pinus silvestris (D4 dilution) - 5 g, Natrium sulfuricum (D4 dilution) - 5 g, Calcium phosphoricum (breeding of the D12) - 5 g, Fumaria officinalis (D4 dilution) - 5 g, Nasturtium aquaticum (D4 dilution) - 10 g, Myosotis arvensis (breeding of the D3) - 5 g, Levothyroxinum (breeding of the D12) - 5 g, Scrophularia nodosa (breeding of the D3) - 5 grams, Gentiana lutea (breeding of the D5) - 5 g, Ferrum jodatum (breeding of the D12) - 10 g, Juglans (breeding of the D3) - 5 grams, Equisetum heimale (D4 dilution) - 5 g, Geranium robertianum ( D4 dilution) - 10 g, Aranea diadema (breeding a D6) - 5 g, Sarsaparilla (breeding a D6) - 5 g
Inactive ingredients: ethyl alcohol 43% (to volume).

Lymphomyosot pharmacological group:

Homeopatic drugs


Duration of Limfomiozot therapy appointed doctor individually, depending on the severity, course and clinical symptoms.

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