Suprastin 25mg #20

Suprastin 25mg #20
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Suprastin 25mg #20

Suprastin - effective allergy treatment for active people.

Every year the number of people with allergies is increasing. Today, every fourth inhabitant of our planet would feel the charm of all this "gift" of civilization. 
Experts have established certain risk groups. Most often found in allergy blondes with light eye color, residents of developed countries and major cities, children whose parents suffer from allergies (if one of the parents, the likelihood of developing allergies is 50%, if both - the risk, respectively, increases to 75% ). 
Every day we are faced with many foreign substances, from tobacco smoke and exhaust gases to plastic. Each of these irritating defense system. Under the influence of the load the immune system begins to work "properly". As a result, even usual substances cause allergic reactions in the body that resembles inflammation. 
It may provoke the emergence of everything: spring flowering plants and trees, animals, new furniture and bedding. Household products, food, insect stings, medications - the list is endless. They cause persistent stuffy nose with no signs of the common cold (70% of allergy sufferers the disease appears in the form of allergic rhinitis), redness and itching of the skin or mucous membranes, tearing, intestinal upset, feeling a tickle in the throat, and even headaches and asthma attacks. The drug is used Suprastin long enough alergetikami of our country, and with dignity deserved attention as an active agent.

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