Infesol solution for infusion 250ml

Infesol solution for infusion 250ml
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Infesol solution for infusion 250ml

Infezol - infusion solution comprising electrolytes and amino acids, which are analogs of metabolic or physiological substances. Amino acids - an essential component for the formation of proteins. Xylitol has a high energy potential, as for carbohydrate metabolism in the liver is broken down to metabolites necessary for the process of gluconeogenesis and glycolysis. Infusion of drugs containing amino acids are designated as total parenteral nutrition. In combination with electrolytes, fluid and energy carriers, the solutions are able to improve the overall condition of the body, to support the metabolism and reduce the likelihood of weight loss in critical conditions. With a lack of exogenous supply of amino acids on the background of pathological conditions there is a significant deterioration in the amino acid set of blood plasma as a change in their percentage and absolute concentration of some amino acids.

1 liter of the infusion solution contains 100 Infezol: 15.6 g of total nitrogen, and 100 g of amino acids 1030-1260 of its osmolarity mOsm / L and pH 5.9-6.3; estimated energy value - 1700 kJ / l. The total energy content of the infusion solution Infezol 40 is 1551 kJ / l. Make up the drug after administration of amino acids in the body is completely consumed for the formation of proteins. In contrast, glucose fatty acid not observed storing unnecessary substances. Quite a small part of the amino acids (up to 5%) is eliminated by the body unchanged. The splitting of the molecules of amino acids occurs through a process of deamination of alpha-amino group, which later transformed into urea and excreted by the kidneys that way. Remaining after deamination carbon skeleton involved in the citric acid cycle, which is metabolized to pyruvate and acetyl-CoA intermediate.

Indications for use:
Appointed as a solution for parenteral nutrition in the following cases:
• loss of fluids of various origins (bowel obstruction, intoxication, diseases of the digestive malabsorption of proteins, burns, etc.);
• hypoproteinemia;
• temporary inability to power through the mouth (condition after surgery on the esophagus, stomach, etc.);
• Eliminate or completion of protein deficiency, which develops due to increased needs in proteins, the high loss of proteins or protein metabolism disorders at the stages of the digestive process, absorption or excretion;
• Improvement of reparative and metabolic processes after severe surgery.

How to use:
Injected intravenously. The dosage regimen depends on the clinical situation and the needs of the organism in the electrolytes, amino acids and liquids and the degree of catabolic patient body weight. With the predominance of catabolic processes recommended Infezol at a high range. Infusion was carried out slowly, and in the first hour of administration of the arrival rate was adjusted to the desired value.

Infezol 40
Adult appointed intravenously per Infezola to 25 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day (0.6-1 g amino acids). In catabolic states recommended to inject up to 50 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day (1.3-2 g of amino acids). Maximum injection rate - 1 hour 0.1 g of amino acids per kilogram body weight that is 0.8 to 1 kg drops per minute, 2.5 ml / kg amino acids and 0.125 g xylitol per 1 kg body weight. Aminoksilot 7 g per 70 kg per hour is equal to 175 ml per hour of 70 kg, 8.75 g xylitol per 70 kg body weight and 60 drops of a solution of 70 kg of body weight.

At somewhat higher caloric needs of the patient and infusion of fluid calculated complement solution alternately or simultaneously using parenteral solutions of glucose and electrolytes. In the case of the possibility of partial food by mouth insertion part Infezola decrease according to the number of calories and fluids that are administered orally. Recommended to prescribe the drug for as long as is necessary - until the transfer of the patient to an oral or enteral nutrition.

Infezol 100
Assigned for adults in a daily dose of 1-2 g of amino acid / kg body weight of 10-20 ml / kg body weight, which is a mass of 70 kg 700-1400 ml or 70-140 g of amino acids. The maximum dose per day: 20 ml for each kilogram of body weight, representing amino acids 2 g per 1 kg body weight. This is equivalent to a mass of 70 kg or 140 g 1400 ml amino acid solution. The maximum permissible rate of addition: 1 ml per kilogram of body weight per hour, equivalent to 0.1 g amino acid / kg body weight of a patient with 70 kg - 70 ml per hour, or 7 g of amino acids. In the appointment of the above can not exceed the maximum dosage daily dosing range for more than 2 grams per kilogram of body weight, and the rate of introduction - not more than 0.1 grams of amino acids per kilogram of body weight. In adults with total parenteral nutrition fluid administration should not be exceeded more than 40 ml per kilogram of body weight per day.

The use of the solution in the pediatric Infezol
The recommendations below are average indicative value and are determined individually according to age, disease state, and the degree of development of the child. Children aged 2 to 5 years Infezola daily dosage is 15 ml per kilogram of body weight, which equates to 1.5 g per 1 kg of amino acids. Children from 5 to 14 years: the daily dosage of parenteral solution is 10 ml per kilogram of the child's weight, which is equivalent to 1 g of amino acids per 1 kg of body weight. The maximum permissible rate of addition: 1 ml per kilogram of body weight per hour, equivalent to 0.1 g of amino acids per 1 kg of body weight per hour.

Infezol 100 is entered only intravenously. At low rate of infusion of the drug compound components utilized much better than when administered at high speed. Duration of appointment of the drug - up to complete the transition to oral or enteral nutrition.

Side effects:
With administration of the drug in individual cases may be chills, vomiting, and nausea. If the infusion rate is high, there is a possibility of phlebitis, as well as it can lead to hyperammonemia and hyperkalemia. Infezol contains sodium bisulfite, so in rare cases, can hyperergic reaction, dyspnea, diarrhea, vomiting, shock, impairment of consciousness (especially in patients with asthma). Just in patients with bronchial asthma attacks are possible. The reaction products of tryptophan (a component of the drug) with sodium disulphite (a component of the drug) cause in some cases, increased levels of bilirubin and liver enzymes, which are defined in the biochemical analysis of blood serum.

Contraindications to the use Infezola distinguish the relative and absolute.

• Hyperkalemia;
• heart failure;
• overhydratation;
• kidney or liver failure, severe (only in the absence of adequate urine output);
• violation of amino acid metabolism;
• hyponatremia;
• traumatic brain injury;
• Violations of amino acid metabolism;
• methanol intoxication;
• hypersensitivity to sodium disulphide;
• acidosis.

• Tissue hypoxia - inadequate supply of cells and tissues of the body with oxygen;
• shock and other states with unstable blood circulation and a threat to life.

It is not recommended to prescribe a drug for children up to 2 years, as experience with the drug in such patients is insufficient.

Not conducted clinical trials of the drug in women who breast-fed or who are pregnant. With sufficient experience destination amino acid preparations for parenteral nutrition indicates the absence of any risk or threat to the women or children in utero. However, before the appointment Infezola is recommended to evaluate the ratio of the risks and the expected therapeutic effect.

Interactions with other drugs:
Part of the solution of sodium bisulfite Infezol can inactivate vitamin B1. The solution was exposed to microbial contamination, so it is not desirable to mix other parenteral preparations.

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